Monstaliner roll on bed liner contains no crumb tire rubber and goes on uniformly from start to finish where Durabak or Herculiner bed liner looks uneven with heavy and light spots of texture.




Over 6 years of testing and development has resulted in not just another truck bed liner but one of the most unique coatings you will ever find. Monstaliner is the first UV Permanent truck bed coating ever developed and optimized exclusively for installation by roller. Its amazing textured surface is created only by the installation rollers, without the use of crumb rubber or any abrasive particles.


MONSTALINER™ Technical Data

Packaging: 1 gallon and 2 gallon kits with installation tools, bed liner gallons with catalyst and tools also sold separately. Quart kits in black are now available for small projects like bumpers, rocker panels, roll bars, etc.

Colors: UV Permanent Jet Black + 37 Colors

No. of Components: 2 (7 parts liner Part A + 1 part catalyst Part B)

Application: Phenolic core foam texture rollers supplied in kits.

Dry  to Touch @70°F: 3 to 5 hours depending on temp & humidity

Recoat Time: Ideal - 3 to 6 hours (surface should be firm & tack free)
                          Max Recoat - Apply 2nd coat within 24 hours or scuff

                          using fine Scotchbrite pads before recoat.

Light Foot Traffic: 24 hours

Return to Service: Allow 24 to 48 hours after final coat has dried for light duty use. Do not throw or drag heavy or sharp items in beds or tubs until coating has cured 7 days

Full Cure: Allow 7 days for full service and use

General Surface Prep: Wash and dry surfaces to be coated. Solvent clean using MEK before and after scuffing surfaces. In VOC restricted regions where MEK is not available, use Acetone to clean surfaces. Coarse scuff pads are supplied in kits. Use 80 - 100 grit sandpaper for additional surface abrasion. Clear coat or existing paint must be de-glossed prior to coating. Proper preparation is evidenced by a light powder on surfaces after scuffing.

Rusty Surface Prep: Remove loose or flaking paint and rust. Solvent clean using MEK, Acetone or Xylene. Prime rusted areas with 2 coats of Magnet Paints Chassis Saver #UCP934 Silver-Aluminum.

Pot Life: Once components are mixed, working pot life for roller installation is 6 to 10 hours depending on temperature and humidity.

Mixing: Shake or stir contents of both components thoroughly. Pour Part B (1 Pint Can) into Part A (short filled 1 gallon can) - Power mix for 5 minutes while stopping occasionally to scrape sides and bottom of can with supplied wooden mix stick. Stir mixture periodically during application – Contents will not settle – Set cover on gallon can while working from roller pan. Never work directly from can!

Vehicle Type: Aliphatic hybrid urethane polymers

Solvent: Light aromatic hydrocarbons, 1-Methoxy-2-propanol acetate

Pigments (will vary by color): Carbon black, ceramic fillers

Viscosity @70ºF: 114 - 129 KU (2500 - 3500 cps)

Volume Solids: 70%

Density: 1.16 (both components mixed)

Flash Point: 108ºF (Combustible) Ships UPS Ground Non-Hazardous

Service Temperature: -22ºF to 190ºF

Flexibility: Excellent

Weathering: Excellent - will not chalk, fade or discolor

Dry Film Thickness: 2 rolled coats provides up to 40 dry mils

Coverage: 60 sq ft per gallon in 2 coats. 1 gallon kit completes any 2 door Wrangler Jeep tub or 6 foot pickup bed. 2 gallon kit completes any 8 foot pickup. Quarts available for additional coats or footage on intermediate size projects. Contact customer serve for assistance with other applications, surfaces and complete vehicle exteriors.

Application Temp: Min surface temp 55ºF - Ambient temp 50 - 90ºF

Reduction: Do not reduce for roller installation

Clean-Up: MEK, Acetone, Xylene or Magnet S8 Multi-Temp Reducer

Shelf Life: Minimum 12 months in unopened containers

Storage Conditions: Store in cool dry place below 70ºF

Colors: UV Permanent Jet Black (colors available April 2011)


Complete features list:

  2 Kit Sizes - 1 or 2 gallons + tools

  Includes detailed installation guide

  Easy do-it-yourself roller installation

  Up to 40 dry mils thickness (2 coats)

  Professional results - uniform surface

100% UV permanent & fade resistant

  Durable lightly textured surface

  Scratch, stain & impact resistant

  Resists gasoline, solvents, chemicals

  Waterproof, flexible, corrosion proof

  Helps deaden sound & vibrations

  Requires minimal care – simply
      sweep and hose out dirt and debris

  Guaranteed to look great for years


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