Monstaliner roll on bed liner contains no crumb tire rubber and goes on uniformly from start to finish where Durabak or Herculiner bed liner looks uneven with heavy and light spots of texture.




Spray in, paint on, drop-in, roll on, do it yourself, pay someone else?

Rhino, Line-X, Gator, Raptor, Hippo, Herculiner, Scorpion and now Monsta!

Researching which bed liner to purchase could easily make your head spin. One thing is certain though... 
just about every zoo animal and reptilian creature known to man has a product named after it.

If you've done your bed liner homework, you've learned that professional spray installed liners like Rhino Linings
or Line-X can cost more than you feel like spending but protecting your truck bed or jeep tub does not have to
empty your pockets. Monstaliner™ is a highly durable, do-it-yourself solution that provides truly professional looking results while costing hundreds less than expensive spray installations.

Until now, a key issue with roll on bed liners has been a less than professional appearance and an inconsistent
surface texture. Most roll on products use crumb rubber particles (ground up tires) as a way of creating texture.
Crumb rubber is just a cheap filler and can comprise up to 1/4 of the gallon in popular roll on bed liners. With so
much particle matter floating around in a gallon, settling can occur during use and the texture effect can turn out
uneven and splotchy.

Monstaliner is a "New Generation" coating that contains no crumb tire rubber and its unique

surface texture is created solely by the installation rollers. As Monstaliner is rolled, texture is

pulled up from the coating and the surface cures with a unique, raised texture that looks

almost sprayed. Some customers have even said it looks like molded plastic. This light

surface texture as seen in photos around this web site, is far more eye pleasing

than the "dirt thrown in a glossy black paint job" look of other roll on products.

The other major issue with roll on bed liners has been UV protection and this is where Monstaliner puts other DIY products to shame. When a coating is not UV stable, the polymer starts to break down in the sun. With the crumb rubber filled liners, rubber particles starts to flake free and the coating starts to look poor and may even peel.
Moisture can also migrate through the surface and start a rusting problem.

Monstaliner is formulated from 100% UV permanent, aliphatic polymers with high density ceramic core particle reinforcement. The ceramic is bonded to the polymer creating a tough and impenetrable barrier against
moisture and corrosion.


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